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We are a manufacturer of wetsuit, at the same time we also have the wetsuit material (neoprene fabric) production line, we can according to customer requirements of neoprene of different outside fabrics and various grades of collocation, and accordance with the requirement thickness of wetsuit material, to manufacture various types of wetsuits, we have a full range of equipment, can meet all kinds of technical requirements, such as Flat stitch, Blind stitch, Glue and Brush the glue etc. We have the professional designers, can put the customer design into actual products.

Company Profile:

Possess Sea is the global leading manufacturers and suppliers in neoprene materials and products, We have over 16 years of experience in neoprene technology and garment manufacturing. We boast our own materials system and end products system, manufacturing neoprene sheets / fabrics, neoprene based products and performance fabric products.

We combine creativity and experience, as well as excellent design development and technical production ability to provide high quality neoprene products for our customers. With the ability of training and honing in past business as support, continuous product development is provided to perceive the unmet needs of the market, so as to provide efficient solutions to meet these needs. Together with our customers, continuous development and sustainable management.

Company Services:

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of the professional Wetsuit, Drysuit, life Jacket and other neoprene materials products. For a long time, we have been providing OEM services for many brands. We have our own raw material department and products department, which can provide cost-effective products for our customers.

Now we also accept online small orders and provide the specified design online wholesale service, for small shops / wholesalers, the "Business to Business" model to reduce intermediate links, is the best choice, which reduces the cost, to reflect the different personality of the cluster. The same quality, we offer the best price, the same price, we have the quality of transcendence.

We provide custom services online, unlike most of the custom service provider, our custom service accept custom design, the "Business to Custumer" model to make our custom services at very competitive prices, we also welcome stores and wholesalers agents set our custom service.

Because we have import and export rights and experience, in addition to the customer to order our products, we can also according to customer needs help in purchasing, or for the products purchased by the customers to deal with the export procedures of the bulk cargo puts together the cabinet, arrange transportation services (courier, cargo, shipping). (The condition of purchasing and exporting is the need to buy our products at the same time.)

Company Products:

Wetsuit: As for wetsuit, we have Full wetsuit, Shorty wetsuits , Spearfishing Wetsuits, Triathlon wetsuits, hot top vest and trousers. We can accept a specific size order service (custom made), and also provide our size for your purchase. You can choose our design, you can also provide the design draft, of course, we can also print your LOGO according to your request. In particular, you can refer to the page introduction of each product..

Drysuit: We provide drysuit for diving, drysuit for sea operation and rescue. The materials have neoprene fabric, wear-resistant fabric and nylon breathable fabric. All the use of special waterproof zipper and all suit are sold after the waterproof test. As particularity of dry clothes, we only accept more than 10 pieces orders for the time being. We provide the service for the repair and replacement of the zipper for high grade drysuits. Please contact us if you need a maintenance offer.

PFD: we provide buoyancy aids and life jacket, because of country different, there is no unified certification standard, so we do not provide certification, but we can provide products for customer to testing. Our rescue drysuit, rescue PFDs, rescue wetsuit, and rescue gloves are all supplied to the professional government rescue department, so our quality is trustworthy.

Our product series also includes diving hood, gloves, boots, shoes, socks and so on. Other products of neoprene fabric products, such as Seat cover, Laptop sleeve, Bottle case, Wine tote, Can cooler, Lunch bags, Baby cushion, Mouse pad, Sports protection, Animal products and so on. They all accept small order.

In order to meet the European and North american market, Since 2012, our company baby provided Neoprene materials (Foam laminated fabric) get Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class 1 test. Applies to children under 3 years old and child products.

More product introduction, welcome to visit our web page.

SGS Test Report (ECO-Neoprene Fabric):

Neoprene REACH Test


Neoprene RoHS Test


Neoprene Toxic Elements Test

SGS Toxic Elements Test

Neoprene Toxic Elements Test

SGS Toxic Elements Test

Description of SGS Test Products:

ECO-Neoprene Laminated with ECO-Fabric made of Nylon, Polyester, Nylon / Spandex, Polyester / Spandex, Dyed and Finished.