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Neoprene / Butyl or PTFE Tri-laminate - Drysuits, Rescue Drysuits - Manufacturer

Our drysuit made of high density neoprene or butyl tri-laminate. The rescue drysuit is made of waterproof and breathable PTFE tri-laminate. For a long time, we have been providing high quality OEM and ODM services to many famous brands, we also provide related products for the Navy and Fire Rescue Department. Now we also accept small orders and provide custom services.

High density CR neoprene we use Japan-YAMAMOTO #88 / Taiwan-Nanliang DS. Butyl tri-laminate we use Taiwan-FRG Butyltex® series. Waterproof and breathable fabric we use PTFE tri-laminate made in Taiwan. Customers can also choose materials from other brands.

The neoprene drysuit is sturdy and durable, easy to repair, and has excellent elasticity and thermal-keeping, but it is bulky, it is suitable for cool to cold water temperatures. The butyl tri-laminate drysuit is light and flexible, but relatively fragile, difficult to repair, and relatively poor in thermal-keeping, suitable for relatively warmer water temperatures. Waterproof and breathable rescue drysuit are mainly used for flood and marine rescue missions.

  • High density Neoprene Drysuit-0801-BK

Neoprene Drysuit - 0801

Material: High density CR neoprene (Japan-YAMAMOTO #88 / Taiwan-Nam Liong DS), outside laminated small diamond fabric / nylon fabric, lining laminated thermal fabric / nylon fabric.

Thickness: 3mm (Provide other thickness).

Neck / Wrists: Seamtite™ latex seals (UK) / SI-TECH® silicone seals (Sweden).

Back Zip: BDM™ waterproof zipper (UK).

Inflation / Exhaust Valves: SI-TECH® 12410-Shell / 12420-Slide (Sweden).

Shoulders / Elbows / Knees: DuPont™ KEVLAR®.

Boots: Heavy vulcanized rubber boots.

Special Services: Provide the service for the repair and replacement of the zipper for drysuits.

Note: This design accepts custom and small order, please contact us with more information.

  • Waterproof Breathable Rescue Drysuit-0821-OG
  • Waterproof and Breathable Rescue Drysuit-0821-OG-01
  • Waterproof and Breathable Rescue Drysuit-0821-OG-02

Rescue Drysuit - 0821

Material: Waterproof and breathable PTFE Tri-laminate.

Neck / Wrists: Seamtite™ latex seals (UK) / SI-TECH® silicone seals (Sweden).

Front Zip Chest and crotch use 2 pieces BDM™ waterproof zipper (UK), the crotch zipper do not take off the clothes go to the toilet.

Sleeves / Legs 3M™ Scotchlite™ 6755 SOLAS Grade Silver Reflective Fabric, to identify at night.

Cuffs / Ankles: Adjustable velcro design (Japan Velcro Plush).

Forearms / Calves / Socks: INVISTA 500D Cordura®.

Elbows / Knees / Buttock: DuPont™ KEVLAR®.

Optional Waterproof Zipper: BDM™ (UK), YKK® (UK), TIZIP™ (German).

Note: This design accepts custom and small order, please contact us with more information.

Custom LOGO printing fee reference:

Type Price
First Screen Printing Plate USD $40
Second and More Screen Printing Plate USD $20 / Screen Printing Plate
Explain: Screen printing film and plate, a pattern of a color to open a film and plate, such as monochrome LOGO need a film and plate, double color LOGO need two films and plates and so on.
Note 1: Large or complex patterns need to charge extra fees and may not be realized or simplified, depending on the design.
Note 2: Just need pay the Screen printing film and plate cost, change the color need not to re pay fees, printing is free.
Note 3: Because it is a wooden frame, not long-term retention (for 3 months), the same or similar batch orders, the same LOGO (pattern and size), the cost of the screen printing film and plate is paid only once.