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We are a manufacturer of wetsuit, at the same time we also have the wetsuit material (neoprene fabric) production line, we can according to customer requirements of neoprene of different outside fabrics and various grades of collocation, and accordance with the requirement thickness of wetsuit material, to manufacture various types of wetsuits, we have a full range of equipment, can meet all kinds of technical requirements, such as Flat stitch, Blind stitch, Glue and Brush the glue etc. We have the professional designers, can put the customer design into actual products.

Neoprene Drysuits / Membrane Drysuits - Manufacturer & Supplier

A drysuit provides the wearer with environmental protection by way of thermal insulation and exclusion of water, divers, boaters, water sports enthusiasts, and others who work or play in cold water. A drysuit normally protects the whole body except the head, hands, and possibly the feet. For a long time, we have been providing high quality OEM services to many famous brands. Now we also accept small orders and provide custom services.

Usually we use a special type of high density CR neoprene rubber sponges to make dry suits, such as Taiwan Nam Liong DS or Japanese YAMAMOTO #88. This type of rubber sponge is stronger, resistant to compression, and more compliant for cold and deeper waters than the ordinary wet suit material, the extensible is poor and the feeling of hand is hard.

In recent years, membrane material drysuit is widely used in ice and water rescue, let rescue personnel in the waters of the rescue work, always keep the body dry and warm. Get Fire Department and other rescue teams favor, also known as water rescue drysuit.

  • Neoprene Drysuit-1896-BK

Neoprene Drysuit - 1896

4mm thickness (Provide other thickness), High density CR neoprene drysuit, usually used where the water temperature is below 15 °C (60 °F), with high resistance to water pressure, to ensure the best insulation, fit and comfort, to provide protection for the diver.

With the boots, and the neoprene socks in the boots can be turned out in order to dry quickly.

The shoulders, elbows, knees and buttocks are treated with special reinforcement wear resistant material.

The neckline and wrist use a specially treated neoprene smooth skin / latex / silicone to ensure that the water is unable to enter the body.

The use of BDM™ high-grade anti-corrosion waterproof zipper on back (Made in UK).

The exhaust valve located on the shoulder can easily and quickly manage the pressure to ensure the perfect buoyancy in the dive.

The 360 degree intake valve on the chest can freely locate the LP hose.

This design just accept more than 10 pieces order, please contact us with more information.

  • Membrane Drysuit-1897-OG
  • Membrane Drysuit-1897-OG-01
  • Membrane Drysuit-1897-OG-02

Membrane Rescue Drysuit - 1897

The body use of waterproof but breathable material (210D or 320D). Forearms, Calves and socks use INVISTA 500D Cordura® wear resistant material.

The elbows, knees and buttocks are uesd with DuPont KEVLAR® wear-resistant material for special reinforcement.

The neckline and wrist use the latex / silicone to ensure that the water can not enter the body, The Cuffs, Ankles used the Japan Velcro Plush fabric to adjust the tightness .

Chest and crotch using 2 pieces BDM™ high-grade anti-corrosion waterproof zipper (Made in UK), the crotch zipper do not take off the clothes go to the toilet.

The sleeves and Legs using 3M™ Scotchlite™ 6755 SOLAS Grade Silver Reflective Fabric, to identify at night.

Note: Optional waterproof zipper : BDM™ (UK), YKK® (Japan), DYNAT™ (German), TIZIP™ (German).

This design accepts custom and small scale order (for price, please see the table below), please contact us with more information.

If you want the more design or OEM / ODM order, please contact us. Our professional technicians are happy to serve you.

Possess Sea Small volume ordering service of the specified design (MOQ: A set of suit):

Order Description: Select Possess Sea classic design and size table, customers can custom LOGO (extra charges, please refer to the table below), customers can also choose to use our LOGO (Possess Sea), and color can also be matched according to customers requirements (no extra charge, but the specific color can be referred to inventory). Small volume order, cost-effective!
Top grade material (210D Waterproof but Breathable Material from Taiwan, INVISTA 500D Cordura®, DuPont KEVLAR®, Japan Velcro Plush, BDM™ zipper):
Item A piece More than 5 pieces More than 10 pieces More than 30 pieces More than 50 pieces
1897 USD $1200 USD $1140 USD $1080 USD $1020 USD $960
Basic material (210D Waterproof but Breathable Material from China, Taiwan Velcro Plush, TIZIP™ zipper):
Item A piece More than 5 pieces More than 10 pieces More than 30 pieces More than 50 pieces
1897 USD $400 USD $380 USD $360 USD $340 USD $320

Lead Time: Usually within 60 days for Possess Sea LOGO, Usually within 75 days for custom LOGO. Without Transportation time (It influenced by different address, mode of transportation, customs clearance and so on).

Custom LOGO fee reference:

Price Remarks
USD $15 / Screen Printing Plate Screen printing film and plate, a pattern of a color to open a film and plate, such as monochrome LOGO need a film and plate, double color LOGO need two films and plates and so on.
Because it is a wooden frame, not long-term retention (for 3 months), the same or similar batch orders, the same LOGO (pattern and size), the cost of the screen printing film and plate is paid only once.
Note 1: Large or complex patterns need to charge extra fees and may not be realized or simplified, depending on the design.
Note 2: Just need pay the Screen printing film and plate cost, change the color need not to re pay fees, printing is free.