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We are a manufacturer of wetsuit, at the same time we also have the wetsuit material (neoprene fabric) production line, we can according to customer requirements of neoprene of different outside fabrics and various grades of collocation, and accordance with the requirement thickness of wetsuit material, to manufacture various types of wetsuits, we have a full range of equipment, can meet all kinds of technical requirements, such as Flat stitch, Blind stitch, Glue and Brush the glue etc. We have the professional designers, can put the customer design into actual products.

Neoprene Spearfishing Wetsuits - Manufacturer & Supplier

Our spearfishing wetsuit made of neoprene rubber, has good warmth and quite flexible. Usually there is a pad for a fishing gun in the chest of spearfishing wetsuit, and the elbows and knees are all resistance. For a long time, we have been providing high quality OEM services to many famous brands. Now we also accept small orders and provide custom services, and we accept customer design of camouflage.

Our spearfishing wetsuit is usually made up of two pieces, Jacket and trousers (High waist trousers or farmer Johns). There is a pad for the fishing gun on chest. The elbow and knee are specially reinforced and wear-resistant, with knife pocket on the double side of the thigh, the lining has two choices, the fabric or the open cell. The open cell lining will make the wetsuit more suitable for your skin and easier to keep warm, but it is not easy to wear off. You must use a lubricant sprayed inside the suit.

Compared to ordinary diving, spearfishing means more time and more flexibility. The preferred rubber material is #39, #45, #50 of YAMAMOTO in Japan, that is, enough strength and very high stretch rate, for the stretch of #45 is as high as 720%, the highest in CR rubber sponge, which means this material is the most flexible. It is also very strong, and the warmth is very good. Of course, it is also expensive. The 3D and W8 of Nam Liong in Taiwan are also commonly used item.

YAMAMOTO neoprene sponge (#39, #45, #50) laminated YAMAMOTO #8800 super stretch fabric (the best stretching), that is the best choice for the spearfishing wetsuit, but it's most expensive. We can also supply the production for YAMAMOTO neoprene sponge (#39, #45, #50) laminated Taiwan super stretch fabric, the performance is nearly the YAMAMOTO original product, it is the highest cost performance choice. All of the above two types of products can be provided by our company.

Because neoprene rubber will age (time aging, loss of elasticity and strength), we also have own material production line, we do not like the vast majority of no material production line manufacturers, hoarding neoprene fabrics (wetsuit fabrics). We are not the retailer, so we will not stock the spearfishing wetsuit products. We are production after receiving the order for material and products, guarantee the products to customers are the most fresh, most good quality spearfishing wetsuit products.

  • Neoprene Spearfishing Wetsuit-1891-BK

Neoprene Spearfishing Wetsuit - 1891

3mm or 5mm or 7mm thickness (Provide other thickness), CR neoprene outside laminated super stretch fabrics, inner lining laminated super stretch fabrics / Ti coating cell / open cell cross-section, soft and comfortable, fit, keep warm and resist water pressure.

Outside blind-stitching high-resistance to abrasion inside glued to avoid any type of infiltration.

High-resistance, printing-coated reinforcements or strong pad / KEVLAR on knees and elbows.

Reinforced chest pad protection sternum and Build in-hood.

Rugged double-lined beaver tail with quick-connect grommets.

This design accepts custom (CR + Outside super stretch fabrics + Inner lining super stretch fabrics: $220 / piece) and small scale order (for price, please see the table below), please contact us with more information.

  • Neoprene Spearfishing Wetsuit-1892-CAMO

Neoprene Camo Spearfishing Wetsuit - 1892

3mm or 5mm or 7mm thickness (Provide other thickness), CR neoprene outside camo skin / laminated printing stretch fabric, inner lining laminated super stretch fabrics / Ti coating cell / open cell cross-section, soft and comfortable, fit, keep warm and resist water pressure.

Glued and inside Blind stitched high-resistance to abrasion glued to avoid any type of infiltration.

Strong Pad fabric material knee pads, protect the knee while punching through waves.

Reinforced chest pad protection sternum and Build in-hood.

Rugged double-lined beaver tail with quick-connect grommets.

This design accepts custom (CR + Outside printing stretch fabrics + Inner lining super stretch fabrics: $230 / piece) and small scale order (for price, please see the table below), please contact us with more information.

Accept the camouflage pattern of customer design (Include custom and small scale orders).

  • YAMAMOTO #8800 Camo Super Stretch Fabric-01
    YAMAMOTO #8800 Camo Fabric
  • YAMAMOTO #8800 Camo Super Stretch Fabric-02
    YAMAMOTO #8800 Camo Fabric

YAMAMOTO #8800 Camo Super Stretch Fabric

86% Nylon + 14% spandex, 202g / m2, warp elongation 380%, weft elongation 400%.

The best stretch rate fabric, with YAMAMOTO #39 sponge (elongation 520%) or #45 sponge (elongation 720%). This is the best choice for spearfishing wetsuits.

Made in Japan's YAMAMOTO, that is good performance, expensive.

If you want the more design or OEM / ODM order, please contact us. Our professional technicians are happy to serve you.

Possess Sea Small volume ordering service of the specified design (MOQ: A set of suit):

Order Description: Select Possess Sea classic design and size table, customers can custom LOGO (extra charges, please refer to the table below), customers can also choose to use our LOGO (Possess Sea), and color can also be matched according to customers requirements (no extra charge, but the specific color can be referred to inventory). Small volume order, cost-effective!
Top grade material - A (CR neoprene, Outside super stretch fabrics, Inner lining super stretch fabrics):
Item A piece More than 5 pieces More than 10 pieces More than 30 pieces More than 50 pieces
1891 USD $147 USD $140 USD $133 USD $126 USD $119
1892 USD $157 USD $149 USD $141 USD $133 USD $125
Top grade material - B (CR neoprene, Outside super stretch fabrics, Inner lining open cell cross-section):
Item A piece More than 5 pieces More than 10 pieces More than 30 pieces More than 50 pieces
1891 USD $112 USD $107 USD $102 USD $97 USD $92
1892 USD $122 USD $116 USD $110 USD $104 USD $98

Lead Time: Usually within 15 days for Possess Sea LOGO, Usually within 30 days for custom LOGO. Without Transportation time (It influenced by different address, mode of transportation, customs clearance and so on).

Custom LOGO fee reference:

Price Remarks
USD $15 / Screen Printing Plate Screen printing film and plate, a pattern of a color to open a film and plate, such as monochrome LOGO need a film and plate, double color LOGO need two films and plates and so on.
Because it is a wooden frame, not long-term retention (for 3 months), the same or similar batch orders, the same LOGO (pattern and size), the cost of the screen printing film and plate is paid only once.
Note 1: Large or complex patterns need to charge extra fees and may not be realized or simplified, depending on the design.
Note 2: Just need pay the Screen printing film and plate cost, change the color need not to re pay fees, printing is free.

Reference for transportation charges for small scale ordering & custom service:

Item Remarks
Type of Shipping Sea / Air / Express (UPS / TNT / FEDEX / SF)
Transportation Cost Cost according to the actual (Express: UPS / TNT / FEDEX have 50% off discount) or use customers accounts.
Place of Delivery Shanghai City China (Post Code: 200433) / Guangdong Province China (Post Code: 523402)
SF EXPRESS international express fee reference:
QTY 1 Piece / 3mm 2 Piece / 3mm 5 Piece / 3mm 5 Piece / 5mm
The Box Size(cm) 60*60*5 60*60*8 60*60*17 60*90*17
United States USD $40 USD $55 USD $100 USD $140
Canada USD $70 USD $95 USD $155 USD $210
Australia USD $60 USD $80 USD $140 USD $195
New Zealand USD $50 USD $70 USD $125 USD $175
United Kingdom USD $50 USD $70 USD $125 USD $175
France USD $50 USD $70 USD $125 USD $175
Singapore USD $20 USD $30 USD $50 USD $65
Indonesia USD $65 USD $85 USD $175 USD $260
Hong Kong USD $6.5 USD $9 USD $16 USD $23
Taiwan USD $15 USD $24 USD $48 USD $71
Note 1: The above table of unlisted country or region express cost please ask us (please provide the correct country or region name, city name, zip code).
Note 2: UPS / TNT / FEDEX Express, the freight rates of different countries or regions are slightly different. Usually, we will use the most preferential shipping company at that time, Ordinarily, their most favorable freight is close to SF EXPRESS's
Note 3: If the importing countries or regions need to collect import duties, Usually the express company will charge the consignee after the declaration and payment of the tariff, and some countries or regions need additional information from the consignees.

Possess Sea Men's Wetsuit Size Chart :

Height (ft/in) 5'6"- 5'9" 5'9"- 5'11" 5'11"- 6'1" 6'1"- 6'3" 6'3"- 6'5"
Chest (in) 37.5-40.5" 39-41.5" 40-43" 41.5-44.5" 43-46.5"
Waist (in) 31.5-33.5" 32.5-35" 33.5-36" 35.5-38" 37-39.5"
Hip (in) 37-40" 38.5-41" 39.5-42.5" 41-44" 42.5-46"
Height (cm) 167-176 175-181 180-186 185-191 190-196
Chest (cm) 96-103 99-106 102-110 106-114 110-118
Waist (cm) 80-86 83-89 86-92 90-97 94-101
Hip (cm) 94-101 97-104 100-108 104-112 108-116

Possess Sea Women's Wetsuit Size Chart :

Size XS S M L
Height (ft/in) 5'0"- 5'3" 5'3"- 5'5" 5'5"- 5'7" 5'7"- 5'9"
Chest (in) 32-35" 33-36" 34.5-37.5" 36.5-40"
Waist (in) 26-28" 27-29" 28-30" 30-32"
Hip (in) 35-37.5"" 36-39" 37.5-40.5" 39.5-43"
Height (cm) 152-161 160-166 165-171 170-176
Chest (cm) 81-89 84-92 88-96 93-102
Waist (cm) 67-72 69-74 72-77 76-82
Hip (cm) 89-96 92-99 96-103 101-109

The wetsuit selection of the size and the principle of heat preservation.

The working principle of keeping the wetsuit warm: when you enter the water, the water will enter the wetsuit, and fill the gap between the skin and the wetsuit, that will be warm, and the formation of a thin film layer, the cold water is not easy to flow outside. The outer layer of the water film layer is the neoprene layer of the diving suit and it has good thermal insulation performance, blocking heat transfer to the cold water outside the wetsuit, neoprene material is thicker, the better the performance, relatively more easy to keep the body warm.

For the wearer: the right wetsuit should be tight (but not too tight, too tight will cause breathing difficulties and acute heart failure), Traditionally, the right wetsuit size should be a little smaller than that of the ordinary clothes, because the wetsuit is elastic, proper tight wetsuits will be tightly attached to the skin, Limit the entry of water to achieve the best heat preservation effect. The loose wetsuit is an incorrect choice.

Tight wetsuit, because very close to the body, causes little water in the interior, and heated by the body, that is not easy to flow out, forming a relatively airtight membrane layer. It is easy to keep the body warm.

If you choose the loose wetsuit, because the larger gap between the wetsuit and the body, that will bring a lot of water into the inside of the wetsuit, which will make the wearer consume more body heat to heat it. And because it is not tightly close to the body, the middle gap will make the water in the wetsuit and the external cold water flow continuously, so that the body will lose heat continuously.

So for the wetsuit, tighten is the most important and the thickness is second. Inappropriate wetsuit is not easy to keep the body warm even though the thickness is increased. The thinner but tight wetsuit keeps the body warmer than the thicker and big wetsuit.

Wetsuit Thickness Guide:

Thickness 2/3mm Shorty 2mm Full 3mm Full 5mm Full 7mm Full
Water Temp 68°F + 61°F-75°F 54°F-68°F 46°F-61°F 50°F & Below
20°C + 16°C-24°C 12°C-20°C 8°C-16°C 10°C & Below

The main difference between the high grade material and the basic material:

Stretch difference, high grade materials, such as CR neoprene laminated super stretch fabric, has amazing elasticity. In comparison, the stretch of basic material - SBR neoprene laminated nylon fabric is much worse. Because of the flexibility of the high grade materials, the wearers can choose a relatively small size to achieve a more fit, good keep warm and feel comfortable. If choose basic materials, because the stretch is relatively small, the wearers can only choose a larger size, and not fit, resulting in a corresponding reduction of the insulation effect.

The feeling is different, the high-grade material is softer, feels comfortable after wearing, and because of the good stretch and flexibility, and do not have a sense of oppression,it is more convenient for the wearers to carry out various water sports. These are incomparable to basic grade materials.

The price is different, the high grade material is expensive, The price of "CR" + "Super Stretch Fabrics" is 3 - 4 times that of "SBR" + "Nylon Fabrics", Although their surfaces are similar.

CR + Super Stretch Fabric Elongation

CR Neoprene & Super Stretch Fabric Elongation

As shown in the above picture, the maximum degree of elongation is 250%. The tensile rate of CR neoprene sponge for wetsuit is 440%-720%, but the elastic of laminated stretch fabric (The tensile rate is usually 200%-400%) restricts the elastic of CR neoprene rubber. Using it to make wetsuit, when stretched less to 120%, it feels comfortable. Not recommended to use more than 130%.

SBR + Nylon Fabric Elongation

SBR Neoprene & Nylon Fabric Elongation

As shown in the above picture, the maximum degree of elongation is 160%. The tensile rate of SBR neoprene sponge for wetsuit is 160%-180%, we will only match laminated nylon or polyester fabric (The tensile rate is usually 150%-200%), high elastic stretch elastic fabric is meaningless. Using it to make wetsuit, not recommended to use more than 110%.

Neoprene material explain:

Normative interpretation: "Neoprene" = "CR" ≠ "SCR" ≠ "SBR"
"Neoprene" just refers to the "CR" (Chloroprene Rubber), but now the industry "Neoprene" include "CR" (Chloroprene Rubber), "SCR" (Chloroprene Rubber & Styrene Butadiene Rubber), "SBR" (Styrene Butadiene Rubber).

Normally we call the neoprene rubber sponge (thickness: 22mm / 33mm / 44mm) as raw material, the product after cutting and laminated (cut thickness, laminated different fabric or coating outside) is called semi finished product (neoprene fabric), the final product is called finished product (the product of neoprene material such as wetsuit, etc). We produce semi-finished product and finished products, semi-finished products (neoprene fabric) have a variety of uses, can be sold alone, the material Department of our factory has been supplying semi manufactured products (neoprene fabric) to manufacturing factories in various countries all over the world.

Neoprene rubber sponge color is black, creamy white, white (only SBR), usually we use black, but if laminated with light color fabric (white, pink, light blue, light green, light yellow etc.), the use of creamy white or white sponge is better, this collocation can better reflect the color and bright of the light color fabric. If use the black sponge will light color fabric dark and distorted. But the cost of creamy white and white sponge is higher than the black sponge. The price of CR grade creamy white sponge is 1.5 times that of the black sponge and is difficult to purchase. Many factories can not provide it. Our factory can provide various grades of creamy white or white sponge.

Sponge Grade CR SCR SBR
Sponge Color Black, Cream Black, Cream Black, Cream, White

The main producing areas of the neoprene rubber sponge are Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. The SBR and SCR are basically using Chinese sponges, CR sponge some of made in China, some of made in Taiwan, and the less use of the sponges produced from Japan and Korea, The Japan CR sponge is more expensive. Some customers think there are some differences in performance, But in essence, from a professional factory point of view, as raw materials, the CR sponges of these areas are not very different from the physical characteristics of the similar grades, their main differences are the different production processes (the difference in environmental protection). Moreover, due to the limitation of the laminated fabric (the elongation ratio of the cloth limits the elongation ratio of the sponge), so semi finished products (neoprene fabric) feel no difference in performance. If customers need, our factory produce sponge from all areas can be provided.

Manufacturers China - Yi Bao Taiwan - Nam Liong Korea - JAKO Japan - YAMAMOTO
Type CR-0003 Q2 M-SL #39
Elongation at Break 500% 550% 600% 520%
Hardness (Type C) 0-3 0-2 0-2 0-2
Type CR-0305 W8 M-M #38
Elongation at Break 450% 450% 500% 513%
Hardness (Type C) 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5

The CR sponges produced in Japan are used for double-sided laminated fabric and smooth skin another side laminated fabric (neoprene fabric), which are similar in performance to other products of origin. However, the coating processing material produced in Japan (YAMAMOTO Super Composite Skin) is really better than other producing areas and it is of stable quality and not easy to flake, but it is also expensive. If the customer needs, our factory can provide the coating processing material from Japan, but it will become more expensive for the custom and small batch order, because of the transportation cost. Our factory have not stock semi-finished products (neoprene fabric), are customers to place orders after the production or procurement, the specific reasons for the next paragraph.

There are two uses for coating materials. When used in a wetsuit inside, titanium is usually added. In theory, thermal reflection can be used to enhance the thermal insulation of the wetsuit, but most of the wearers' feedback is very small, if the customer needs it, our factory also provides this product. Used in a wetsuit (Triathlon suit) outside, it can reduce water resistance and improve the performance of athletes in professional competitions. We have provided such products for many national sports teams, but some of the competition rules have been amended to prohibit participants from wearing such products. For ordinary customers, this kind of product is expensive and easy to damage, using smooth skin can also achieve a similar effect.

Because neoprene rubber will age (slow aging, loss of elasticity and strength), so raw materials (neoprene sponge), semi-finished (neoprene fabric), finished (wetsuit) are inadvisable for long time stock. Our Chinese and Taiwan neoprene sponge are usually in stock for less than 3 months, and the Japanese and Korean neoprene sponge stock time is not more than 6 months, the semi finished product (neoprene fabric) and the finished product (wetsuit) we do not stock, they are all produced after customer orders, the semi finished product (neoprene fabric) if the inventory time is more than one year, is not suitable for making the wetsuit, the material and the product which the storage time is too long is not the good choice.