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Neoprene - Fishing Waders - Manufacture

Waders have a wide range of applications. They are worn while angling, water gardening, playing with model boats, waterfowl hunting, agriculture and in the maintenance of water supply, sewerage and other utilities. Waders are also essential for keeping warm during colder months, because they keep the cold water off the skin, which otherwise could cause hypothermia or other problems. Different materials can be chosen according to the water temperature. For a long time, we have been providing high quality OEM and ODM services to many famous brands. Now we also accept small orders and provide custom services.

We have own material production line, because neoprene rubber will age (time aging, loss of elasticity and strength), so we will not stock the materials (neoprene fabric) and products (waders), we are production after receiving the order, guarantee to customers are the most fresh, most good quality products.

  • Neoprene Camouflage Fishing Waders

Neoprene Camouflage Fishing Waders

Material: SBR neoprene double laminated polyester fabric.

Thickness: 3.5mm (Provide other thickness).

GBS Seam: Glue then use non penetration stitching (Glue + Blind Stitch), max flexible and prevent water entry. The joint can be reinforced with "Tape" .

Boots: Vulcanized rubber boots, strong and durable.

Features: Detachable suspenders with quick release buckles. Chest pocket with drain holes. The belt is equipped to hang the tool, and it is more convenient to use.

Explanation: Accept the camouflage pattern of customer design.

This design just accept more than 500 pieces order, please contact us with more information.

Neoprene Material Explain:

Normative Interpretation: "Neoprene" = "CR" ≠ "SCR" ≠ "SBR"
"Neoprene" just refers to the "CR" (Chloroprene Rubber), but now the industry "Neoprene" include "CR" (Chloroprene Rubber), "SCR" (Chloroprene & Styrene Butadiene Rubber), "SBR" (Styrene Butadiene Rubber).

Normally we call the rubber sponge as raw material, the product after cutting and laminated (cut thickness, laminated different fabric or coated / embossed / perforated) is called semi-finished product (neoprene fabric), the final product is called finished product (the product of neoprene material such as wetsuit, etc). We produce semi-finished product and finished products, semi-finished products (neoprene fabric) have a variety of uses, can be sold alone, the material Department of our factory has been supplying semi manufactured products (neoprene fabric) to manufacturing factories in various countries all over the world.

Rubber sponge color is black, creamy, white. Usually we use black, but if laminate light color fabric, the use of creamy or white rubber sponge is better, this collocation can better reflect the color and bright of the light color fabric. If use the black rubber sponge will light color fabric dark and distorted. But the cost of creamy and white rubber sponge is higher than the black rubber sponge.

Sponge Grade CR SCR SBR
Sponge Color Black, Cream Black, Cream Black, Cream, White