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Our wetsuit gloves / wetsuit socks made of neoprene fabric. Wear resistance, warmth retention, comfort, waterproof of materials are their main characteristics. Can be divided into glued and sewing according to the manufacturing process. For a long time, we have been providing high quality OEM and ODM services to many famous brands. Now we also accept small orders and provide custom services.

We have own material production line, can provide high-grade material, such as CR neoprene laminated super stretch fabric, and also provide basic material, such as SBR neoprene laminated nylon fabric. Everything depends on the orientation and budget of your product. Because neoprene rubber will age (time aging, loss of elasticity and strength), so we will not stock the materials (neoprene fabric) and products (wetsuit gloves / wetsuit socks), we are production after receiving the order, guarantee to customers are the most fresh, most good quality products.

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  • Neoprene Diving Gloves-02-CAMO

Neoprene Wetsuit / Diving Gloves

Material: SBR / SCR / CR neoprene double laminated nylon fabric / super stretch fabric.

Thickness: 5mm (Provide other thickness).

GBS Seam: Glue then use non penetration stitching (Glue + Blind Stitch), max flexible and prevent water entry.

Palm: Shark skin / Kevlar, anti slip / avoid sharp objects injury.

Features: Solid cutting, comfortable and not easy to fatigue. The elastic belt and the hook and loop are closed.

Note: This design just accept more than 200 pairs order, please contact us with more information.

  • Neoprene Wetsuit Socks-01-BU
  • Neoprene Swim Socks-01-BK

Neoprene Wetsuit / Swim Socks

Material: SBR / SCR / CR neoprene double laminated polyester fabric / nylon fabric / super stretch fabric.

Thickness: 4mm (Provide other thickness).

Flatlock: Seam construction lies flat and smooth against skin, durable.

Features: Anti slip design of socks bottom.

Note: This design just accept more than 100 pairs order, please contact us with more information.

Neoprene Material Explain:

Normative Interpretation: "Neoprene" = "CR" ≠ "SCR" ≠ "SBR"
"Neoprene" just refers to the "CR" (Chloroprene Rubber), but now the industry "Neoprene" include "CR" (Chloroprene Rubber), "SCR" (Chloroprene & Styrene Butadiene Rubber), "SBR" (Styrene Butadiene Rubber).

Normally we call the neoprene sponge as raw material, the product after cutting and laminated (cut thickness, laminated different fabric or coated / embossed / perforated) is called semi-finished product (neoprene fabric), the final product is called finished product (the product of neoprene material such as wetsuit, etc). We produce semi-finished product and finished products, semi-finished products (neoprene fabric) have a variety of uses, can be sold alone, the material Department of our factory has been supplying semi manufactured products (neoprene fabric) to manufacturing factories in various countries all over the world.

Neoprene Type CR SCR SBR
Sponge Color Black, Cream Black, Cream Black, Cream, White

Neoprene sponge color is black, creamy, white. Usually we use black, but if light color fabric is laminated, the use of creamy or white neoprene sponge is better, this collocation can better reflect the color and bright of the light color fabric. If use the black neoprene sponge will light color fabric dark and distorted. But the cost of creamy and white neoprene sponge is higher than the black neoprene sponge.

The main difference between the high grade material and the basic material:

Stretch Different: The high grade material has amazing elasticity, the wearers can choose a relatively small size to achieve a more intimate, good keep warm and feel comfortable. If choose basic materials, because the stretch is relatively small, the wearers can only choose a larger size, and not fit, resulting in a corresponding reduction of the insulation effect.

Feeling Different: The high grade material is softer, feels comfortable after wearing, and because of the good stretch and flexible, and do not have a sense of oppression,it is more convenient for the wearers to carry out various water sports. These are incomparable to basic grade material.

Price Different: The high grade material is expensive, The price of "CR" + "Super Stretch fabric" is 3 - 4 times that of "SBR" + "Nylon fabric", Although their surfaces are similar.